Andy Ames
Head of Year 12

"At The Stourport High School & VIth Form College we pride ourselves on providing opportunities for our young people to excel both in and outside of the classroom.  Ensuring that our students are ‘the best that they can be’ each and every day is our priority. Should you wish to contact us and see for yourself, we would be delighted to offer you a warm welcome."


Alan Bennett
Head of Year 13

Variety of Courses

Stourport Sixth Form College provides a curriculum which offers considerable breadth for students through a range of BTEC and Advanced General Certificate of Education courses.

What do we have to offer?

A - Levels


Multi-School Functions providing a widened support system

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Resources to Learn

All Sixth Formers are provided with a Chromebook once enrolled into our Sixth Form free of charge, students are able to keep these if they stay with us for the duration of the two years study. This gives students the ability to continue with their work outside of the classroom through Google Drive.

A quote from one of our students

"Having a Chromebook enables me to keep working when at home or during independent study, without the worry of not being able to access my files"


Structured Support & Guidance

Our dedicated support network is formulated to support students during and after their time at Stourport Sixth Form College to prepare them for their next steps.

Our Support Network

Next Steps Guidance whether that be UCAS, Apprenticeships or Employment

1 to 1 Advice Sessions & Subject Support

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Sixth Form Applications

Are you a hard-working and determined individual? Then we would love to talk to you about your 2 year placement at Stouport High School & Sixth Form.  

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