All students benefit from regular and punctual school attendance, which is essential to every student’s academic, social and personal development. Being absent from school means a lost learning opportunity. Like you, we want our children to achieve their full potential; attendance is linked to attainment therefore, full attendance will significantly improve their chances of success.

The more your child is in school the more they increase their opportunity to fulfil their potential. School can also help your child’s social skills, such as making and keeping friendships. A regular and punctual attendance pattern will help your child when they enter the world of work.

Current start times for all students is 8:50 AM. 

Parent/Carer Responsibilities

The links between attendance and attainment are clear. Regular attendance means your child can make the most of their education, improving their chances in adult life. In order to achieve their full potential, we expect all pupils to maintain attendance of at least 97%.

Parents/Carers can help by:

Ensuring contact information held by the school (addresses and telephone numbers) is kept up to date

Ensuring your child arrives at school on time (see current start stimes below), in correct school uniform and prepared for learning

Contacting the Attendance Office on (01299 872950 – Option1) on the first and any subsequent days of absence stating the reason for the absence and when your child is likely to return Where possible, providing medical evidence for any illness – this will be required if your child’s attendance falls below 90%

Where possible, please try to arrange medical and dental appointments out of school hours. If this is not possible; your child should only be out of school for the minimum amount of time necessary for the appointment. For more information please refer to the following documents: