We believe that a uniform is more than just a set of clothes. It is an expression of our collective commitment to the school and the values we uphold and signifies our intent to abide

Being smart in our uniform makes everyone in our community respect our school ethos. Students sign up to wearing our school uniform with pride, both in school and whilst travelling to and from school.

All items of uniform must be clearly labelled with the students name and kept neat and tidy at all times.

Uniform that can be purchased throughout the year via trutex.com. Please click here to view the Trutex catalog.

Uniform Worn Correctly 2021 - 2022
PE Kit Timetable 2021 - 2022
Uniform PolicyCurrently under Review

Important Information


Must be cut in an appropriate manner that is suitable to a formal educational and professional environment (it should not be extreme in colour or length changes and must not include tramlines or shaved areas of any kind).  Students in Key Stage 3 (KS3) should have their hair tied back at all times, whilst students in Key Stage 4 (KS4) need to tie their hair back in practical subjects due to health and safety requirements. 


A pair of small plain stud earrings (one in each ear lobe) are the ONLY piercings permitted, no hoops or diamond studs. No other form of body piercing is acceptable. Please note: earrings need to be removed for all physical activity.


Students should all have a wrist watch to ensure they are on time to school and lessons. They must not rely on their mobile phone to tell the time as this will be confiscated if used during school hours.


False nails of any description must not be worn and are not permitted. No makeup must be worn in KS3. This includes mascara, foundation and nail varnish.


Only black smart practical shoes are permitted. Do not be persuaded by shoe shops who advertise plain black trainers as school shoes or any footwear bearing a logo e.g. Nike or Timberlands. Shoes are essential to provide the protection required in practical areas. Boots or canvas shoes of any kind are not permitted.


Must be plain black and formal in style. No leggings or denim-type trousers.


Must be plain black or the school tartan and no shorter than one closed hand span above the knee.

Optional Uniform

Performing Arts Clothing

SHS Performing Arts clothing available to purchase now for students opting to study Drama/Dance in September 2021 and onwards! These pieces of uniform is not compulsory however, is advised for movement within the subjects and hygiene as standard PE kit may be used within the week.

Please click here to purchase.