Emergency School Closure

Procedure for closure before school starts

When poor weather conditions are forecast, the school will be assessed regarding the health and safety of students and staff as early as possible. A decision will be made as to whether the school will be closed and this will be communicated to parents and students via the following methods:

  • Text message
  • Website https://www.shs.worcs.sch.uk
  • Twitter @stourporthigh
  • BBC Hereford & Worcester FM 104.0 and Free Radio (formerly Wyvern) FM 96.7
  • Worcestershire County Council’s website

Staff will be informed via text message and the school’s website (back up is telephone via line management structure).

The above procedure will also be implemented in the case of any emergency school closure.

Procedure for closure during school when lessons have started

  • Students will return to their tutor bases to be registered when instructed by a member of the leadership team
  • VIth Form Students either go directly home or come to the main site to find their younger siblings. Teachers will remind VIth Form students of this.
  • Older siblings in years 8-11 will then need to make their way to the tutor room of the youngest sibling.
  • Students in years 7-11 with no siblings should call home and get parental permission to leave. This must be witnessed by the tutor and then logged.
  • If the youngest sibling is absent then the older siblings should meet at the tutor room of the next youngest.
  • Once all siblings are together the oldest should call home to acquire permission of the parent or career to be released from school. This permission must be given directly to the tutor of the youngest sibling in school and then logged.
  • Students who are absent from school will be noted as such.
  • Any students who cannot acquire permission in this way will be escorted by their tutor to the Large Hall to await further instructions
  • Vulnerable students will be escorted to the Large Hall and they should then make their way to CAF.