Cooking up a storm for those in need!

We are so proud of one of our Year 7 students, Harry, who demonstrated all our school values of kindness, determination and respect this weekend.

One thing that Harry was looking forward to when starting secondary school was getting an opportunity to cook within his Food Technology lessons. He was super excited about his first cooking lesson last week, however unfortunately he was unable to take part in this due to having to sit an important Cognitive Ability Test (CAT).

Well Harry did not let this stop him and instead he went home and cooked his family a delicious meal.

After his Mum shared this on her own social media, Worcester Street Kitchen picked up on this and asked if they were to supply everything, would Harry make them a beautiful salmon pasta salad for the homeless in Worcester to eat. Harry was ecstatic and rose to the challenge set. His salmon pasta salad was a huge success and it went down a treat with those less fortunate and he has now been asked if he will make them some apple crumble for the street kitchen this Sunday.

A huge well done to Harry for such a lovely act of kindness shown.